Become a Registered Nurse in New Zealand!

  1. Preparation of documents and funds
  2. Apply for registration in NZ Nursing Council
  3. Complete the Competence Assessment Program CAP (8wks)
  4. Obtain a job offer as a Registered Nurse
  5. Apply for NZ residence


  • Current registration with PRC
  • 2500 hours post-registration nursing practice
  • English Language Test (Minimum: IELTS 7.0 or OET B)
  • Funds  (P600K – P700K)

Fund/Cost Breakdown

Registration to NZ Nursing Council (NZNC) 1K 35K
Competence Assessment Program (CAP) School6K-8K210K->280K
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) Visa Application fee 0.3K 8K
INZ show money - Funds for living expense 5K175K
Air ticket1.5K 53K
Subtotal14K ->16K490K -> 560K
Service Fee - ASK Immigration Consultant's Ltd 3K105K
TOTAL16.6K - 18.6K600K - 665K

Our service fee is payable at different stages. Details will be discussed prior to engaging in our service.

ASK Scope of Service

  • Assistance in Registration to NZ Nursing Council (NZNC)
  • School Admission Processing
  • Licensed Immigration Advice
  • Student/Visitor Visa Application Processing
  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation arrangement

Is New Zealand the right choice for Nurses?

Every year thousands of Filipino nurses are registered by the Professional Regulation Commission(PRC)  yet many remain unemployed. Having two sisters in this profession, I have known nurses accepting volunteer work or pay training fees just to be able to get some work experience. Hence, it does not surprise me that migration of Filipino nurses abroad continuously increased.

One of the target destination of Filipino Nurses in New Zealand. To verify if NZ is still the right choice, I have searched government documents to gauge the future demand for nurses in New Zealand.


Based on the April 2014 report from the National Nursing Organization(NNO), there will be a significant increase of demand of Nurses in New Zealand due to their ageing nursing workforce and predictions that over 50% of the present nursing workforce will retire by 2035. Although New Zealand’s strategic action plan is focused on nursing graduates in New Zealand, this reflects the continuous demand of Nurses in New Zealand. Here is a link to the report>>

The boost of demand for Internationally qualified nurses(IQN) is confirmed on this report from New Zealand Nurses organization. Apparently, increasing the number of Asian nurses is one of the key strategies to address the foreseen shortage of nurses in New Zealand. To learn more here is a copy of this document>>