Why Filipinos choose New Zealand

Like so many Filipinos who chose to live here, we came to New Zealand in search of security and a better future for our family. 

If you are looking for a country that will welcome you for your skills, your excellent work ethic and can provide you and your family with the opportunity to improve your lifestyle then New Zealand is for you.

More reasons to choose New Zealand:

  1. Top 4 safest countries

    The Global Peace Index, which compares 162 countries from safest to most dangerous, rates New Zealand as the world's fourth safest country just after Iceland, Denmark and Austria.
    Source: Global Peace Index

  2. No. 1 Corrupt-free country

    Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perception Index, which compares 175 countries from least to most corrupt, ranks New Zealand the least corrupt country in the world.
    Source: Transparency.org

  3. World-class education

    New Zealand’s universities rank among the world’s best in the 2016-2017 edition of the QS World University Rankings®. The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by subject are based on extensive research and the expert opinion of over 85,000 academics and 42,000 employers.
    Source: Top universities

  4. Best health care system

    A recent study conducted by US-based organisation, the Commonwealth Fund found the effectiveness of healthcare in New Zealand ranked second out of 11 OECD countries surveyed.

    Some of the most common features of the New Zealand healthcare system enjoyed by NZ residents and some work visa holders

    - Free Hospital treatment
    - Accidents and emergencies are free - just dial 111
    - Dentistry is offered free to those under 18, and residents on low-incomes.
    - Maternity care is free
    - All children under 13 are eligible for free general practice visits. This includes immunisations against serious disease, regular eyesight and hearing checks at school, and visits to the doctor.
    Source: Healthcare

  5. Balance lifestyle

    New Zealand is the place to come if one wants a relaxed lifestyle.  New Zealanders believe about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends. The same goes for school; children enjoys their childhood years, instead of spending them stressed out in a haze of never-ending homework.

    New Zealand performs well in many measures of well-being relative to most other countries on the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) better Life Index. 
    Source: oecdbetterlife

  6. Clean and beautiful

    The New Zealand landscape is spectacular with its stunning bays, lakes forests and mountain ranges. Areas of particularly breath-taking scenery include the Bay of Islands, Milford Sound and the Fiordland National Park

  7. 7th most powerful passport
    A New Zealand Passport is the 7th most powerful in the world. A Kiwi passport can visit 171 countries without a visa.
  8. Family Friendly

    New Zealand is the world's second most desirable place for families, according to HSBC's 2015 Expat Explorer survey.
    Source: Expatexplorer

  9. English speaking and multicultural

    New Zealand is an English speaking country. This enables Filipinos to successfully settle in NZ since most Filipinos speak good English.

    It is a society of immigrants. The country is made up of of Māori, European, Chinese, Indian, Samoan, Filipino (and many more) ethnic groups.
    According to the 2016 Census statistics, 1 out of 4 New Zealanders is born overseas.